the untold love story

People say you always fall in love with the right person at the wrong time. Is it true? May be yes may be no. According to me there is no correct timing for love. It just happens…such is the story of aish n shubham.

Aish, a very cheerful girl.a doctor by profession and an writer by her passion. Abhi, an engineer , a very friendly person and aish’s sweetheart. Shubham, aish’s batchmate, a doctor without  a degree but a lot of hearts to cure everyday and aish’s  good friend.

Aish and Abhi were together  for a year now. They had met at some common private tuitions and had fallen for each other since then. Their lovestory was kind of a fairytale.. a damsel in distress in a rainy night needed someone to get her back home. Right at that time a guy from his tuition offered her a lift and their story began..

“thank you so much “ said aish..

“u r welcome .. listen can u please send me today’s notes? I was late and couldn’t take it up completely “ abhi said

“ sure..y not? Give me ur email just email u..”

“ 9476…. My watsapp no… plz send me there” abhi blushed as he said that

“okay” .. aish saved his number. That night after dinner aish send him all the photos of the notes. Abhi said thanks and they went to bed.

None of them knew they were falling in love. But that night they slept off thinking about each other.

Next morning aish woke up and saw a beautiful “goodmorning “ message popping on her phone’s front was abhi. She replied him back. Their day began to start and end with each others greetings. Slowly slowly they became friends.. they got to know each other more. They began tking care of each other a lot..poking nose in each other’s personal matters..linking them up with other guys and girls. In short they were having a good time together. They began sitting beside each other..pnching each other when one winked. Copying in the exams. From just friends they turned into best friends very soon.

One such day aish was listening to 98.3 fm and was justa bout to tune the channel when rj Vicky said “here s a message for a beautiful girl named aish..”  aish skipped a heartbeat. Yes it was for her and it was from abhi. “ aish I don’t know what you feel for me but I have started feeling for you in a different way, its not exactly the way we feel for just a friend. It is something else. a feelings that brings smies on my lips wenever I think of you. I have fallen for you aish. I love you “

Aish was happy,confused..she didn’t know how to feel. She was blushing and tears fell down her cheek. She called up abhi. But he didn’t pick up. Her phone beeped.

It was abhi. “ I am nervous. Im sorry if u didn’t lke it”

“stupid.. r u serious? U n I a couple? “

“im serious aish.. I love you. u r the only thought in my mind all day n night. If you don’t feel the same way for me its ok.. we wl be best friends”

“abhi I need some time. Im not sure yet “

“take ur wait for your answer “

Aish felt her heartbeats pumping up. She was so so excited. She liked abhi. Was it an attraction or love?  She was not sure. That night she fell asleep with this confusion in her mind but a smile on her lips J

As usual the next morning she woke up with abhi’s text. They decided to meet. Abhi wore his best pullover that his brother had gifted him and waited for aish at the decided coffee shop.. aish arrived 30 mins late. Being a girl you always have the priviledge to arrive late. They talked for hours den walked back home holding hands. Yes was her answer.. abhi understood.

Abhi and aish were tagged “the best couple ever”  by all their friends. They couldn’t hink of anything except each other. They were so so happy together. The 1st 6 months passed like 6 days.. chatting..spending time with each other..studying together. As everyone says the “honeymoon period” of a relationship.but their honeymoon period was never to end. They were so so much into each other. They cared a lot for each other..they never blamed each other. Both of them understood the other one and there was no misunderstandings between them. They were just so so perfect.

Then came their exams. Wbjee..aish was taking the medical exam whereas abhi took up engineering.. meanwhile abhi’s dad got transferred and they moved to Kolkata. aish was sad so was abhi. But their love was too strong to keep them away. Every alternate day abhi came to meet aish. Abhi never missed any chance to cuddle with his darling aish.

Their results were out. Aish took admission in a medical school and abhi took up engineering. They decided to meet one last time before getting separated for their colleges.

“whats wrong aish? Y do u look so sad? “

“ I dnt knw wen wl we next meet. Ul b busy wd ur college and me with mine. We will be in separate places. I don’t knw hw wl I handle things without u”

“ no worries shona. I wl always be there with you. il come to meet you at your college. Don’t be sad” saying this abhi hugged aish. The hug turned to a kiss and they made out for the very first time on that day.

“now that we are so close wont you want it again? Wont you miss me? Or will someone replace me ? “ aish asked abhi

“I will miss you. il come to meet you every week babu. No one will ever replace you. you are so so precious to me “

“I love you abhi “

“I love you too” said abhi and hugged her the tightest before he left.

Their college life began. Aish met new people so did abhi. Their friend groups changed. But still they always found time for each other. They used to do video chats.abhi came every week to meet aish..they talked a lot,spoke about anything any everything that was happening around them..both of them were very happy…5 months passed by..then..

things changed with time..

Long phone calls became one word texts. Abhi got too busy with his new friends, his new found lifestyle. But he always found time for aish from them. There wasn’t a day abhi didn’t talk to aish. But aish missed abhi even more.abhi no more came every week…maybe once a month..whenever aish complained abhi made her understand with his usual sweetness that he was busy and has his assignments. Aish understood. Meanwhile aish met subham. Subham was a very rough guy and was quite popular among girls at college. He was a complete flirt. Aish understood that very soon..but he couldn’t help herself talking to him.. for subham was her only distraction from the “busy” abhi.

Time passed.. things changed between abhi and aish. The always so sweet and truthful abhi started to lie every now and then. Aish could understand but she never asked him why. She trusted him too the end of the day the “ I love you “ from abhi was more important to her than anything else.

Earlier when aish called abhi always picked up her lately wenever she calls him she gets a busy tone and abhi doesn’t even call her back. When she asks y he says “ baby u should understand. I have my work to do. I was talkin to a friend about the assignments”  yes..aish understood.

Aish was upset with this changed abhi. She missed her old abhi who never lied to her,for whom she was always the priority. Subham called. She spoke to him for hours. She broke down infront of him. Subham was a flirt but he was affectionate towards aish and aish liked it. subham used to teach her when she didn’t understand something. In her sleepless nights subham gave her company. Aish loved abhi . but when there came a message from abhi and from subham aish replied subham first. Yes..things did truly change.

Aish felt an unknown kind of an attration towards subham. She knew subham was not the one for her. But somehow she was attracted to him. Now abhi gets aish’s phone busy whenever he calls and when asked aish says she was discussing studies with subham.

Discussions and long night calls with subham increased day by day n distance grew btn aish and abhi..Aish started falling for subham. That’s when things completely changed. Abhi could sense it. he could feel aish doesn’t care for him that much anymore. He tried to stop aish. But it was too late. He ignored her when she needed him and now it was too late.

Subham supported aish and aish was falling for him more and more day by day.. every night they exchanged love yous.. aish fekt guilty cause she had a boyfriend..but that could not stop him from loving shubham. Shubham cared for her. But he wasn’t ready for a commitment. Yes he was a flirt. Aish knew it.but she couldn’t control herself..subham also felt for her…he said he loved her but his life is very different from that of aish’s so he doesn’t want her to compromise and so doesn’t want a relationship.aish knew it was true. He was very different from any other guy..he was a flirt but a very attractive one..he was heartless but he cared for aish..aish never called him but he never forgot to call her..on the other hand abhi was there busy with his friends.hanging around with them enjoying his beer parties..abhi was a charged person..he was no more the innocent abhi aish had known..all these things were actually drawing aish closer to subham..

then came subham’s birthday that day. He had come to college for some work. Aish went to meet him. Dey met and they were talking in the staircase. It was a holiday so the college building was empty. they finished talking..aish stood up to go.Subham held her hand pushed her against the wall and put his lips softly on hers.. aish knew it was wrong but she followed her heart..she parted her lips and kissed subham. They kissed. It was truly divine. It was a moment of pure love between them.

Aish ran away from there. She was ashamed of what she did. She hugged her pillow tight any cried out loud. Subham called “ r u okay”

“yes im fine..”

“r u hurt??did I hurt u anyway?”

“no..bye” she kept the phone.. she didn’t know what to do. Yes she loved subham. But she knew it was only her. On the other side she knew she had cheated on abhi. She decided to just forget about it. she was ready to move forward with subham. In the evening she called him up and decided to meet.

That was when aish knew she was wrong. Subham came with a black band on his head,his eyes red,he ws drunk. He appeared as a beast. He kept coming close to aish and aish moved back and left the place. That day she realized subham was not someone she could spend her life with. She loved him..but tried to push herself away from him.

On the other hand the guilt of cheating on abhi was killing her from inside. She decided to call it off. She called abhi and told about the kiss. Abhi was sad. Altough he was now a changed guy but maybe he felt bad being cheated on. He broke down. Aish said sorry many times and abhi accepted her J aish decided never to cheat on him again.. she promised never to speak to subham again.

But that was what the mind decided..not the heart.. and aish’s heart still craved for subham.she couldn’t resist taking up his calls. Until one day subham disappeared. Yes. He just disappeared. He was not taking up any calls.he left college.he just disappeared. Aish missed subham. But did he really care? Definitely no! that is the reason he doesn’t pick up her calls.

Aish now wanted abhi back in her life. Yes abhi was with her. But the changed  Abhi was demanding..he demanded physical closeness.. Aish didn’t stop him cause she was at fault. Cuddlings became makeouts. But somehow aish wasn’t totally with abhi. She always had subham at the back of her mind. But she was trying her best to get over it.

Some months went by..then one day abhi suddenly declared he doesn’t want this relationship anymore. Aish was shattered! At first she thought maybe he was joking. But then she realized he wasn’t. yes it was actually over. Aish was desperate to save her relationship. But abhi was not interested. They parted ways.

Neither aish nor abhi knows whose fault it was. Aish loved abhi. Aish loves subham. One love story ended bad. The other is incomplete.

Its been 2 years since all these happened. Aish is now a registered doctor.abhi an it professional. Subham is lost. No one knows where he is. His chapter was very small in aish’s life but indeed it was a very significant one. That one special moment of love still holds a very vital space in aish’s heart. Yes love storys without any end are indeed very special. Not everyone gets their loved one. Nor does every love story have an ending…be it a happy ending or a sad. Aish’s love story with subham was quite similar. There was love there was a story but there was no ending to was the untold incomplete love story J


First blog post

im a would be dentist. besides my career im interested in writing stories and poems. i created this blog to share my poems, my stories, some pages from my daily diaries and get the reviews to improve myself! other than that its a good platform to get known to the unknown world. like everyone else creating a blog i want my posts to be read analysed and criticised and in turn bring out the best in me as a writer besides being a dentist by profession. 🙂